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At Smith Financial Consulting (SFC), we can help your organization with a variety of card based product vendor searches. From RFP's for card processors (CO-OP, Fiserv, PSCU, Visa DPS, FIS, MAP), card brands (VISA, MasterCard, Discover), PIN POS Networks (NYCE, Pulse, STAR, etc.) or rewards solutions, we have you covered.

Card Processor Vendor Search


If you are nearing your expiration date with your current vendor(s), it's time to start planning your next move.


Maybe that means a simple renewal with your current vendor, or a full RFP search for a new provider. We work with you to find a solution to improving your cost structure and improving your income from all card products.

SFC will conduct a professional RFP process to find the best partner for your institution. We've got you covered from ATM, debit, credit and prepaid card processing, to PIN POS Network searches and even surcharge free ATM networks.

Card Brand Vendor Search


One often unknown, or forgotten part of your payments programs is a brand agreement from VISA, MasterCard or Discover.

We have helped many credit unions and community banks to establish a NEW REVENUE STREAM through a partnership with their card brand. What is this worth? What is a fair agreement look like? How do you know you are not leaving money on the table? That's what we are here for.


If you already have an incentive package from your current card brand, or you don't, give us a call. You never know if you are getting a fair shake, so give us a call and we will help you to be much more profitable with your card programs, in a very short period of time.

Project Management


We know many of our clients manage their operations with a small staff. We also know, there are likely few resources available to devote to a 6 month conversion process. That is where SFC comes in to help.

Especially on projects we have managed from the start, we can be an extension of your staff to help make sure conversions run smoothly and without customer / member interruptions. For most projects, we have notes from every single conversation throughout the RFP process, and can insure that what you wanted installed, gets installed.

If you have a project that needs special attention, or would like us to stay on board to manage a conversion, we are here for that and we've got you covered!

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